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  • How to fuel that Bootiful Booty – Food is your Friend when it comes to building up the glutes. This is no time to be eating like a bird when it comes to building the booty!
  • What type of cardio is best for the booty - it’s not what you think.
  • My go-to cardio that has helped me and my clients get incredible results… it’s not what you think!

Hi, my name is Candace Smith.

I am CPT, Health Coach, and Nutrition Coach who helps women Eat, Train, and Thrive. I love helping women get STRONG, Fit, and Feel great in their skin.

I created this Juicy Booty Blueprint because I see so many women spinning their wheels trying to build a Strong, Juicy, Booty, or to get in shape in general. Well, that ends here ladies! Get ready to learn what it takes to get the results you desire, without killing yourself or slaving way in the gym!

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