How to do a TRX Squat Row – Trainer Tip Tuesday!

How to do a TRX Squat Row



Hey guys! Happy Tuesday!

I’m back with Trainer Tip Tuesday. Today’s Trainer Tip Tuesday is a TRX Combo Move – a TRX Squat Row. I love combo moves because when your short on time, you can get your best bang for your buck by pairing up a lower and upper body move. Combo moves are great to use when your short on time and want to get a quick workout in.

The TRX Squat Row will hit the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and back.

  1. First find your squat stance with feet hip width apart.
  2. Hold handles about chest to waist height
  3. Execute your squat
  4. Come back to standing
  5. Then move into row – pulling your body towards the anchor point
  6. Return to start and execute your Squat Row Combo for repetitions


I today’s video, I demo the TRX Squat Row!

Watch my video tutorial on YouTube: TRX Squat Row

Thank you for watching!


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