Carbs are not evil, bread is not bad!


Look, people….carbs are not the devil.

Neither is bread.  Quit demonizing both!  The fraudulent diet and fitness industry creates “villains” so that you have to avoid something, only to replace it with whatever crappy, pile of steaming poop product that they’re hawking.  Don’t fall for it!  You don’t have to have villains, dirty, or unclean food to avoid!  All food can be part of your daily or weekly nutrition.


In fact, I eat bread every day.  Every….Single….Day.  While I’m talking about my nutrition, I eat egg yolks as well– two, Every…Single…Day.  Guess what else?  I have chocolate; you guessed it – every single day! Do they make fat magically appear?  Nope, not in the least bit.  They are part of my daily macro nutrient intake, and I consciously plan to have them.

Overeating any food in excess in the issue. Over consumption, not one particular food! 


Did you catch that?  I plan them.  Well, actually, I’ve planned my nutrition for so long that I really don’t have to plan it anymore, but that’s beside the point.  The only time I really have to “eat on plan” is when I’m actually prepping for something physique competition related, which isn’t all that often.  And, I’d guess, isn’t really what you’re after.  Anyway, they are part of my overall nutrition.  I enjoy them, and as such, I include them in my meals.


Completely cutting out something that you enjoy from your diet is a recipe for disaster.  Really.  Have you ever been told not to go into a room, or thru a door?   The first thing that happens when you’re told not to do something is….you got it, you automatically want to do it.  Can’t do XYZ?  Even though you were never interested in it before, now you want to do it.  This is so true that it’s actually taught in flight school.  Pilots are warned that the more they fixate on avoiding an obstacle, the more likely they are to hit it.  Really.  It’s true.


My point – well, when you cut out a food or food group that you enjoy, you’ll have some success.  You’ll do ok for a day, maybe even a week.  But at some point, you’ll crack.  When you do, not only will you have a little….you’ll have a lot.  Or, you’ll try to replace that thing you cut out with a substitute…but the substitute never cuts it, so you keep trying alternatives.  At the end of the day, you end up eating more calories than you would have if you had just eaten what you wanted, and you’re still not satisfied.


The key ingredient to this is moderation – I know, it’s not sexy, extreme, or “hardcore.”  Nope, you can’t brag about moderation, and nobody is going to tell you how awesome you are for being moderate.  You know…you tell someone you went all Paleo and don’t eat carbs anymore, and everyone looks at you like you’re a super hero.  The problem is, that’s not sustainable for most people.  And no, I’m not saying Paleo is bad, I’m just using it as an example.


Moderation – this is what allows you to stay on track long term.  Moderation allows you to have bread, eggs, chocolate, etc., and feel ok.  No, you can’t eat it in extreme volumes, but with a little practice, you’ll realize that a little goes a long way.  When you’re craving chocolate…well, have some damn chocolate, not some poor substitute!  I mean, really, what satisfies a chocolate craving besides chocolate?  And the beauty of it all is that if you include it in your regular diet (nutrition), you probably won’t be craving it.  And that’s the key.  Eating in a way that allows you to have food you enjoy reduces cravings…reduces binging….ensures long term success.

Nope, it’s not sexy.  But you know what?  It works.  It allows you to maintain your success.  It allows you to lose five pounds while not being miserable.  And the real success? Those five pounds stay off.  That’s right – you don’t have to lose the same five, ten, or even 15 pounds in a couple of months.  In time, that five pounds can become ten, or whatever reasonable goal you’ve set.  And it stays off.  No more back and forth, up and down. All the while, enjoying how you eat.  It’s really possible.


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