Habit Change 2016

habit change 2016


I’m so excited for the New Year! I like to encourage you to drop the New Years Resolutions and create new HABITS for 2016! Start with one habit and then work on others throughout the year to create a sustainable lifestyle change!

Diet fads come and go, promising earth shattering results, the one thing that remains the same is YOU! Let’s make a change that we quit the diet fads and stop dieting year round. #‎HabitChange2016

Let’s get consistent with changing habits that are for life and long term sustainability. Lets get off the on and off again wagon, the black or white thinking and live in the gray. #‎ConsistentHabits #‎graymatter

Let’s mess up a 1000 times and stand back up even more times to learn from this thing called life. Nobody is perfect and No BODY is perfect, stop the comparison fest. Stop comparing your progress to everybody else progress. We our on our on timelines and no body else’s, and don’t worry how long it will take. It will take as long as it needs to take! It’s a trap when you start the comparison game. It will lead to discouragement! Cut yourself some slack and start loving yourself or start from a place of peace. Love and honor your body with movement and good nourishment because the body needs and craves it. #‎selfLove

Don’t operate from self hate. Hating ourselves will get you nowhere fast – as a matter of fact, your body will probably fight you along the way because you’re trying to force to adhere to some crazy fad diet or timetable. #‎progressIsProgress
#‎YourJourney is just that #YourJourney

Let’s works towards balance, consistency, and habits that are healthful and helpful for 2016! #‎habitChange

I would love to hear what habits you’ll work on for 2016!

One Love,


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