Lunch Made Simple – Like How You Eat!

[Lunch made simple!] Like how you eat! Simple, satisfying, sensible, enjoyable, tasty, and nourishing!

Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated! I use my own ‪#‎AMEN‬ protocol to navigate my daily nutritional goals. This photo includes a few of my go to staples for nutrition. Protein, veggies, fruits, and carbs. I adjust my carbs according to my activity level. Higher carbs, lower fat on training days and higher fat, lower carbs on non training days. This meal was absolutely satisfying, enjoyable, tasty, and nourishing.

I’ve covered my protein here with chicken breast, I always prioritize it. Protein with every meal is important – protein is crucial for maintaining muscle and for muscle gain. Plus, it keeps you feeling fuller longer – eat carbs alone or just fat and you will be hungry in no time. In addition, I make sure to get veggies and fruit in several times throughout the day. A super simple way to keep your veggie intake in check is to include spinach with your meals, or prepare a salad. I threw this salad together real quick with spinach as the base , some shredded cabbage, strawberries, and some balsamic vinegar. My water consumption is covered with the Coconut LaCroix water – a simple way to keep your water intake in check is to always drink a glass of water with every meal. Lastly, I don’t ban any foods that I enjoy! I just eat less of them, and or cut portion size. Every meal that I eat, I do my best to stay aware of how much I am eating and my satiety level. Eat to abut 80% full and slow down when your eating.

If you don’t like how you eat, you won’t do it very long. Diets are restrictive in nature and are a very short term solution. Finding what works for YOU is very important for it to be sustainable for life. Diets have an expiration date, they are a short term solution. I don’t know about you, but I want to enjoy my food, as well as it being nourishing and fulfilling, whether I’m in fat loss mode or maintaining my weight.

In summary – the answer is not a diet – those are short term solutions, doomed to fail. Make simple life changes that trend towards a healthier life. Lifestyle choices trump diets all the time! Remember, there are no shortcuts to long term health and wellness – it might be boring, but slowly moving to lifestyle changes will be far more successful than the constant yo yo dieting in the long term.

I put together a really cool print out PDF infographic to help you use the “AMEN Guide with ease- It will help you stay consistent whether traveling or figuring out how or what to eat outside of the home without counting calories. You can grab my free gift right here—> How To Eat Without Counting Calories AMEN Nutrition Guide!