Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions!

Diets call for rules and restrictions – no this, no that – no bread, no fruit, don’t eat after 5, etc… Learning how to eat for YOU takes some investigating- some detective work. Dieting is easy and a short term solution with an expiration date.

A long term solution is changing habits, that will last a lifetime – changing one thing at time. Working towards a place of balance and eating moderately. Eating for your activity level and not restricting whole food groups or avoiding food for the sake of weight loss.

My nutritional navigation guide works towards 4 things. The ‪#‎AMEN‬ solution can be applied whether you’re in weight/fat loss or maintenance mode. No restrictions – just working on the Big Rocks, like getting in your protein with every meal, staying hydrated, being mindful about how much you’re eating – by paying attention to satiety, eating to about 80% full. Lastly, nourishing your body with plenty of veggies and fruits.

That’s it, no magic solutions, or banned foods! No will power to be had. Dieting quickly diminishes will power and you’ll down a whole carton of who knows what.

Don’t do it! It’s not worth it. Your health, sanity, and your metabolism is wealth.

I put together a really cool print out PDF infographic to help you use the “AMEN Guide with ease- It will help you stay consistent whether traveling or figuring out how or what to eat outside of the home without counting calories. You can grab my free gift right here—> How To Eat Without Counting Calories AMEN Nutrition Guide!