BBQ in the Last Frontier

It’s just one my many meals that I will or would have in a week.

bbq lasst frontier


You’ll probably looking at this food here being super judgey, saying that’s not healthy, etc.

How can you share this – because I can, because nutrition doesn’t fit in a,📦 and it’s not a black or white entity.

P.s. I am human by the way, I don’t just eat twigs and berries! Lol. 😂 Nor do I just eat chicken and green beans like I did in my very extreme dieting days – that was death! 💀

This one meal out of 25-30 – ish meals that I may have in a week.

While it’s something you shouldn’t eat every day, IT’S JUST FOOD! Nothing more nothing else. No guilt, no shame, no ridicule, just a meal with my loved one.

We all love to eat and we can absolutely eat the foods that we love and still make progress no matter what your goal is. However that doesn’t mean we have to eat to excess or feel the need to unbutton our pants after a meal – this is a scarcity mindset.

How is that I can go to a BBQ eat till I’m satisfied but not stuffed?

Because I hold the power over my food choices. How much I eat and don’t eat. Heck yeah it’s soo good, right.

Because I know that food is not going anywhere and that it’s always available!

Because BBQ is not inherently evil. We are not bad for eating “so-called non-healthy foods.” Nor are we good for eating broccoli and chicken.

This is one meal out 25-30 meals I will eat in a week. <== Read that several times over!

My hubby and I shared this meal and we even had left some food on the plate. Portions are so huge these days, you can pretty much share a meal anytime you go out to eat.

This meal will not make me gain or change or break my Physique because after all said and done it’s what you do day in and day out forever.

You have the choice to allow food to own you or for you to own the food. CHOICES!

No, I don’t eat this way every day nor do I want to. 80-90% of the time it’s lean meats, carbs, fruits, and veggies. – all the foods that I like and ENJOY!

Part of achieving Food Freedom is enjoying the way you eat and having a healthy relationship with ALL FOODS!

Can you go out to a meal with your loved ones and not freak out about calories, fat, etc…?

It’s exhausting and it’s stressful, isn’t it? The guilt and the shame perpetuates the cycle.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Grab my Anti-Diet Blueprint and move towards having a Healthy relationship with ALL FOODS!
Grab it here!

bbq last frontier


If you are interested, I wrote a bit more on this subject to my inner circle. You can check the email out here!