4 Fashion Tips 4 Your Lovely Thighs

Love the thighs you are in! Nothing wrong with big strong and powerful legs. Our legs have to carry us around, they help us run faster, and run after our kids – plus much much more. We may even have to use them to kick someone in defense – I hope I never have to but, I do want them to be strong in case  I have to.

So you’ve noticed your jeans or your pants are starting to feel tight, but are gapping in the back around your waist. Or, they may even feel better.  I’ve actually noticed this myself in a pair of jeans. I’ve been working on growing these wheels and my glutes, so I feel ya. The other day I put on some jeans that I hadn’t worn since last winter, and I was quite surprised. I filled out the jeans, specifically in the bum area. Winning!!🙌🏾 I regularly post glute targeted workouts so be on the lookout for them, mostly on Wednesdays (Hump Day) on Beauty of Strengths Facebook page. However, right this instant you can get 3 Free Glute Workouts by signing up here!

Ladies, I know for sure that you can enhance what you already have w/o going under the knife for a bigger butt. #truestory #improof

Wait a minute, hold it before you think you’re gaining fat. Slow your roll, don’t jump ship thinking you need to lose some weight. Nine times out of ten you’re gaining some muscle, and your legs are starting to change shape. #helloquads In addition, your badonkadonk is sitting up, and it’s rounder! #gotglutes Who wouldn’t want a nice butt and great pair of legs under them?

If you have been lifting for some time now and you love squats, deadlifts, lunging, and hip thrusting, then you may see your legs changing shape for the good – I hope you do because #strongthighs save lives! So if you set out to change your shape a bit, I hope that you’re embracing the change and not loathing it. Usually, right after leg training, your legs are pumped just like any muscle. So, when you go to put on jeans, they may feel a bit tighter than normal. Disregard and try them one in a day or two, and I’ll bet they will fit just fine.

4 Fashion TipsFor Your Lovely Thighs

So, your jeans are fitting different? Hmmm…. Well, two things you can do: throw the towel in and quit lifting, or you can find designers/ stores that embrace muscle, curves and all of your goodness.  I hope you go with the latter.

Today I want to share with you, my top 3 clothing items/tips to embrace your beautiful self:

1. Super stretch jeggings from American Eagle. It took me a couple of tries to find a good pair. Check them out here! They fit good in all the right places. I have few pairs because they are that good!

2. Leggings, of course. However, I would recommend investing in good ones that aren’t sheer. I have great pairs from Express, Torrid, and Lululemon, my all time favorite brand of leggings, I wear them for working out, and I dress them up with a cute top to wear out.

If your wearer of leggings, I know you have discovered that one size fits all does not fit all and the quality is very important too. Invest in a couple of great pairs. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Another great pair of jeans that I have come across are Vanilla Star Jeans. I have them in a few colors. They are stretchy and comfortable. Good fit to the quads and glutes. Check them out here!

4. Another option to buy your jeans in a larger size and get them tailored. It will be like they were custom made!

I have read great reviews on: Womens Relentless Jeans

I hope this list can help you navigate finding jeans and leggings that will fit your beautiful legs.  What are some of your go-to brands or styles? Would love to hear from you, so if you have a moment head over to Beauty of Strengths Facebook page and let me know what your go-to styles are!

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