4 Tips Everyone Should Use While Traveling!

While traveling, I utilize my #AMEN Protocol and I make do with what is available. I can wholeheartedly say, I can eat anywhere while traveling, and you can too.  Whether that’s McDonalds, a rest stop, or Panera – like I did the other day, I can make it work and here’s how:

  1. Always prioritize PROTEIN – protein with every meal, for me it’s a non-negotiable! Build your meal around this awesome and tasty macro nutrient. I’m always like “where is the protein?” – like the cookie monster wanting his cookies 🙂 I want the cookies too! #ProteinMonster  IMG_3944
  • At the gas station or rest stop: Look for-
      • Jerky,
      • Boiled eggs,
      • Greek yogurt,
      • Protein bars – if you can find a quest protein bar, that’s gold, because of the amount of protein
      • Nuts (some protein, mostly good fat, which is filling).
      • Protein Shake – usually can find muscle milk shakes.
      • Hummus (some protein) I would suggest adding another protein source with it.
    • Restaurants – You can eat anywhere and build a meal with what’s available. When I say anywhere, I mean anywhere, and that’s to include McDonalds. Yep, sure can. Is it an ideal meal? Nope, probably not, but its good enough. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

So that meal at McDonalds…. Here’s what you can get – first prioritize protein. I would get an extra chicken breast coupled with a salad, dressing on the side- then I have control how much or how little. I might also keep the cheese and a little crunch for the satisfaction factor. You can add or omit the things that you don’t want on any salad anywhere, not just at McDonalds.


Since I chose to use McDonalds as an example – Here are few more things that you can get there: The yogurt cup won’t break you. They also have fruit – apples and oranges.


The other day, I went to Texas Roadhouse, and I was able to get some protein (steak), a salad with a chicken breast, and half of a potato. I cut the carbs back for the day do to less activity. I am the #ProteinMaster.  4 ways to keep your Nutrition game on point while traveling!


This day and age, you can do anywhere and get a healthy option and let it be good enough. You can even enjoy a burger and a couple of bites of fries. Adjust carbs and fat according to preference and or activity level.


2. Water – easy to forget to drink, right? I know, sometimes it’s hard to keep the water intake up. Here’s a couple things that I do to ensure my water intake doesn’t take a nose dive.

  • I always have a cup of water with every meal. So, if I don’t drink as much between meals, at least I know I will get a cup with my meals.
  • I set different increments throughout the day. Like I want to have 30 oz drank by a certain time, etc.
  • Substitute with sparkling waters. This was really a game changer for me. My favorite brand is Lacroix and my favorite flavor is coconut.

3. Eat Mindfully – I stay aware of food choices that will give me the best bang for my buck – again prioritizing protein. Protein will keep you feeling fuller longer versus grabbing a carb option by itself. Another great option is to couple fat with your protein source, if you are leaving the carbs out due to less activity. Fats leave you feeling full longer than carbs do. Not to say you can’t couple all three together, it just really depends on your preference.

  • You don’t have to count calories or macros per se – just being mindful how you feel – energy, hunger, cravings, etc.. You can adjust your food intake according to your activity.
  • In addition, pay attention to satiety – eat to about 80ish percent full. This is a game changer, because if you are aware of when you’re to full or ate just enough you are able to control your calorie intake without driving yourself crazy about how many calories, carbs, and fats you just ate.

4. Fruit and veggies –  I packed a good amount of fruit for this trip. Fruit and veggies are another way that we get water – not a lot but still some. Any time I get an actual restaurant meal, I make sure to get a salad or some type of veggie.

    • At the gas station you can usually find bananas, apples, oranges, and sometimes a fruit cup.
    • Carrots, celery, broccoli are great travel veggies that you can pack to take on the road with you as well!how to eat while traveling

When I travel, I make sure to eat well and enjoy some treats. Always remember this food is just food. It’s to be enjoyed, it’s fuel as well, its nutrition, it gives us energy, whether I’m tighten up or maintaining my physique. Food is to be enjoyed, not choked down or eaten out of Tupperware cold – like I used to do in the past. Nothing inherently wrong with this, I sometimes do it, but not always. I have learned how to eat anywhere because what is the point if you only know how to eat well when you’re at home? I roll with the punches. Like I said above, eating out isn’t always ideal, but do the best with what you have.

I put together a really cool print out PDF infographic to help you use the “AMEN Guide with ease- It will help you stay consistent whether traveling or figuring out how or what to eat outside of the home without counting calories. You can grab my free gift right here—> How To Eat Without Counting Calories AMEN Nutrition Guide!