Workout Wednesday: Full Body Kettlebell Workout

Hey ladies, grab yourself a Kettlebell or two. If you only have one, you can make the workout as well. Your workout for today will include 6 exercises in circuit fashion, so complete the movements back to back.

Have you heard of Rest-Based Training? I love this style of training. I learned it from Metabolic Effect.

Rest-Based Training means that you push until you can’t and rest until you can push again. No pacing yourself, the point is to rest. You can even rest right in the middle of the set. Go for it and work hard – take as much rest as you need.

Full Body Kettlebell Workout

The Workout:
* 3-5 Rounds
* Rest 60-90 sec between rounds

1. Goblet Squat/Curl x10
2. Kettlebell Halo x 10 total: Alt Halo (l&R)
3. Kettlebell pass through Rev. Lunges x 5 ea side
4. Kettlebell See Saw Row x 20 total
5. Kettlebell See Saw Press x 10 total
6. Single arm Alt. Kettlebell Swing x 10 total

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