What’s on your Plate?

What’s on your plate? Food being one (#BecauseHolidays) and every other day for a matter of fact, but there’s more than just food loading down our plates during the holiday season – it’s called life. So, yes this blog post is about managing the abundance of food, as well as managing the other things that take up space in our everyday lives.whats on your plate

  • Family
  • Work
  • Travel
  • Cooking for the holiday meals/ daily meals
  • Catching some zzz’s
  • Rest
  • Workouts
  • Walking the dogs
  • Other – a whole host of things on your plate I’m sure. Am I right?

This time of year, I know can be stressful. It’s busy, and we are hustling and bustling. Whether it’s wrapping up the year with projects or being the chauffeur to your kids and their friends all holiday break – there’s no denying we are busy. I’m like, can I just breathe, catch a breathe. Why, yes we can, with a few strategies.


All our non-negotiables might take a backseat. Like workouts, reaching for foods we usually don’t eat, or eating more because of stress. Our sleep might even suffer, and leisure walks start to decrease.


I know I’m not the only one. I’ve already felt the heat the last few weeks. I’ve been busy setting up my coaching program, which is off and running. I let some of the things that are important to me take a backseat.


I quickly recognized it, and now I am adjusting it because things are only going to become busier. We just started the busy holiday season.


I believe one of the ways to conquer the holiday is to accept that things are going to be cray cray, therefore we should adjust accordingly. If we expect it, we can be better prepared, right?


There is a way to stay sane and THRIVE through the holidays.


How, might you ask?


  1. Accept that it will be busy and adjust accordingly. Roll with the punches. Easy peasy. Something doesn’t go according to plan, roll with it. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Go to the worst possible place or situation. I bet after you do, it won’t be the end of the world.


  1. Stick to as loosely normal schedule as you can throughout the next several weeks. Sure, you may have to adjust some things. One of the ways that you can ensure less headache is by planning just a bit.


Keep your daily or morning rituals/habits. Stick to them, and they will keep you sane.  Morning coffee with some scripture reading, a 5-minute yoga flow, or a quick walk – if those are some your daily rituals, do your best to keep them around during busy times.


  1. Stick to your non – negotiables. For me, that’s getting several walks in a week and at least three lifting sessions. Sleep is a huge non-negotiable too. If I don’t sleep well, then I will be a straight grump, and when you don’t function well, you won’t be good for anyone.


  1. Lifting the things– this is important to me; therefore I will get a workout in even if it’s only 20 minutes. Exercising is a huge stress reliever, think twice before you skip it, especially if you have been stressing. After you’re done slinging some iron around, I’ll bet you will feel better and be glad you did it.


Try this workout below:

* The structure of the workout is Rest-Based Training (Metabolic effects style of training), I love it, and use it often with my clients – go until you can’t, rest until you can go again. No pacing. Rest as much as you need and then get back in there. This style of training makes it accessible for everyone – you are in control of your rest.

* Pick a medium to heavyish KB

Round 1: 10 min (AMRAP) or 5 Rounds – (Depends on the time you have available)

* KB Clean – KB Squat w/Bicep Curl – KB Swing
* Add a curl to each round, working up to 5 reps
* Add a rep to each round of the KB swings as well

Round 2: 10 min (AMRAP) or 5 Rounds – (Depends on the time you have available)

* KB Overhead Reverse Lunge x5 Ea side
* Single Arm KB Swing x 5 Ea side
* KB Single Arm Strict Press x 5 Ea side


  1. Lastly #EatTheFood and move on. There will be lots of food to enjoy. You don’t have to eat everything in sight, but you should eat the foods that you love. Enjoy every last bite, eat to satisfaction – but never stuffed.


If you happen to overeat, this is exactly what you do ==> move on, you are always one meal away from being right back in your power, or the way you usually eat. You can eat better at the very next meal, later that day or the next day. All is not lost!

Be resilient, literally just bounce back!


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