4 P’s To Help You On Your Fitness and Health Journey

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I know some days we just want to throw the towel in and give up. It’s easier to give up than keep going. I caution you not to give up. Stay the course. I know it will be difficult, if it was easy we all would be doing it. Quick fixes work until they don’t or losing 10 inches in a month promotes false hopes and short lived results. These promises play on our feelings to want it now with little effort.

It ain’t cute or sexy, but taking a slow sustainable approach to fat loss is long lasting, it will take many trials and failures but it’s what you do with those hiccups along the journey. Turn those failures into WINS and learn from them. Use these 4 P’s to help you along your Journey! Remember health is not a sprint to the finish line!
The 4 P’s

Patience: It may take you awhile to get to where you want to be and you know what thats OK. There is no rush. Just start somewhere and “Show Up”!

Progress: Progress is Progress no matter how small. I would also encourage you not to use the scale as your only measure of progress. Celebrate your non scale victories such as getting in a workout 3 times a week or getting some veggies in at a few meals during the day or being able to run a mile w/o stopping.

Persistence: It will be tough but it will all be worth it. Stay the course!

Perseverance: Be steadfast in your efforts, despite the difficulties.

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