The 5 Best Foods to keep you Feeling Fuller Longer!

I toyed around with calling this blog “The Best Fat Loss Foods”, but there are no best fat loss foods. There are, on the other hand, foods that will help you on your fat loss journey that you should eat plenty of.

Fat loss foods, hmph, no such thing! That’s some Dr. Oz phony baloney shit. Or as I always call it Voodoo Quackery! Don’t be duped my Strong Frands!


Now, yes, some foods will undoubtedly set you up for success when you are trying to lose weight. First and foremost, a caloric deficit is needed to lose fat, not fat burning foods- what are those? Remember those don’t exist.

Certain foods will help you feel fuller longer.  These foods won’t have you reaching for more food, i.e., more calories. This, in turn, will put you in a calorie deficit, because you will naturally be eating less. They will keep you satiated and satisfied.

So, please let the fat burning foods theory or the best fat loss foods die. They do not exist!

So, what are these foods that will help blunt hunger, keep you satiated, and feeling fuller longer?

1. Protein is first on the list!

Always keep your protein intake in check! It’s the number one satiating macronutrient. It is the most thermogenic macro – meaning the body has to work to break it down. So, it will be in your system longer, keeping you feeling full.

Not only that, protein is so essential because it helps build and maintain muscle.

So eats yo proteins, make sure you have a whole protein source with each meal even snacks!

The 5 Best Foods to keep you Feeling Fuller Longer!

2. Dark Green Veggies!

Nom nom! Veggies are gonna fill you up, and they are so good for us, with many, many nutrients. Get your fill of spinach, romaine, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, and green peppers, to name just a few.

Im gonna go ahead and throw iceberg lettuce on the list. I wouldn’t necessarily eat it alone, because it doesn’t have much oomph to it, but you can certainly add it to bulk up your salad. It has a high volume of water which helps with the fullness factor!

The 5 Best Foods to keep you Feeling Fuller Longer!

3. Water:

Well, water is not food! Lol! However, it does aid in helping us feel full. Water helps to keep you hydrated and helps with digestion. Not only that, we often mistake dehydration for hunger. Sometimes we are just thirsty, and it can be the bodies way of telling us that we are thirsty.

So drink up, carry a bottle with you everywhere you go!

The 5 Best Foods to keep you Feeling Fuller Longer!

4. High Fiber Fruits:

Berries of all varieties pack a punch as well! Fiber and water anyone. They will help you feel fuller longer as well!

The 5 Best Foods to keep you Feeling Fuller Longer!

5. Foods that take the edge off!

This could be a sprinkle of cheese, full-fat dressing, some chocolate or what have you.

Why should you have foods that take off the edge? Because you have to like how you eat. Built-in nutritional relief will help you stay on point while trying to lose weight. It also teaches you that you don’t have to wait until the weekend to eat something such as a piece of chocolate.

The 5 Best Foods to keep you Feeling Fuller Longer!


You don’t have to ban foods to see results.

You can still have foods that you enjoy.


There you have it! 5 Foods that will help you feel fuller longer and support you 100% in your body change goals!

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