Happy Halloween- Have your Candy and eat it too!

halloween candy

Halloween is upon us, and Thanksgiving is a New York minute away, with Christmas in tow. In addition, there are umpteen festivities and holiday parties in between. It’s enough to make our heads spin.


I don’t know about you, but I love sweet treats, and yes I am a fitness professional that loves candy. Btw my favorite treat is Reese Cups and gummy candies. Do I eat them like they are going out style? Nope. However, I do enjoy them anytime I like, because of moderation. Candy is always available. Here’s the thing – we can actually have it anytime we like.


Candy is always available, right? This isn’t the first and last time you get to eat some of your favorite treats. The same candy that is available right now will be available tomorrow and the day after that. A winning mindset – an abundance mindset is giving yourself the permission to eat candy and move on. The alternative is a negative mindset – scarcity as in the candy will never be available, and I won’t get to eat it ever again, so I must eat it all.


I’ve been there before. I would either eat it all because I was going back on my diet on Monday or I would eat it all to get it out of the house – fear of it being in the house meant I would ruin my diet if I ate more of it. It was so exhausting. The solution was finding a way to eat the candy that I loved without going overboard.


Changing my mindset about foods and practicing moderation was the answer and still is to this day. Another key thing is compassion for yourself because we are not perfect and sometimes we will eat the whole dang bag of candy #BecauseHuman. The thing here is how we handle it when we go overboard. Old self would feel guilty, restrict, feel bad for days on end, and punish myself with exercise. New self – moves on, figures out “Why” I ate the whole bag, and get back in my power. You can always get right back to how you were eating before going overboard. Its life, it happens.


Punishing yourself does negate it. It just makes you feel worse and continues the cycle. Nobody has ever hated and punished themselves to fitness!

So, how is it that we navigate all the candies and don’t go bananas?

  1. Eat only what you love. If you don’t like banana Laffy Taffys don’t eat them. Never feel obligated to eat things that you don’t enjoy.
  2. Eat like you normally do, just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you have to change the way you eat.
  3. Eat the dang candy and move on, several pieces if you want. Nothing is lost, any progress that you have achieved won’t be lost, and you are not a failure.

Lastly, you DO NOT have to earn your candy or work it off!! Please please be present with your family and friends and enjoy yourself today!!


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