What’s on your Plate?

What’s on your plate? Food being one (#BecauseHolidays) and every other day for a matter of fact, but there’s more than just food loading down our plates during the holiday season – it’s called life. So, yes this blog post is about managing the abundance of food, as well as managing the other things that take up space in our everyday … Read More

How to Navigate the Middle Ground during the Holidays!

The Holidays are not the time to be trying to be in fat loss mode. The All or Nothing mindset is not a healthy approach to maintaining your physique during the holidays either. Neither extreme is a good idea. It doesn’t have to be black or white! There is a middle ground. I’ve been there before. Holidays come around, and … Read More

Holiday Questionnaire

  Hey guys! Would you do me a huge favor! I’m doing some market research and I would love if you could answer one question. What’s your biggest struggle during the holiday season in relation to nutrition and fitness? Thank you in advance! Interested in all that I have to offer? Join my inner circle here and get a free … Read More