10 Nutrition Habits to live by!

Today’s blog post is short and sweet! It’s all about healthy Nutrition habits that you can start to implement TODAY, not next Monday, not after the holidays – TODAY. No need to cut whole food groups out, that is so unnecessary, and certainly not sustainable. The way you eat should ENHANCE your Life and not Hinder it. You should love how you eat, no matter what the goal is.

If you want to lose fat your diet should still be pleasurable and enjoyable. You do not have to suffer, nor be so restrictive.

The way you eat should leave you feeling good, full of energy, and satisfied.

These nutrition habits are Sane, Simple, and Sustainable.


  1. Eat from the earth! Aim to eat more unprocessed foods, foods that don’t come in a package more often than not. Get in the habit of preparing more of your meals at home!


2. Eat the Rainbow: Eat lots of colors. Aim to eat vegetables with most of your meals. Be sure to eat fruits as well. Fruit is not bad for you!







3. Choose lean protein sources more often than not! Eat a complete protein source with every meal. Peanut butter, beans, etc. are not a complete protein. Aim to have 0.7 – 1 g per pound of body weight, or at least a palm-size serving with every meal!


4. Learn your hunger and fullness cues. Practice eating to 80% full. This is a skill that must be honed. The good news is that you have many, many meals to practice. Get a journal, or use a phone your app to take note of these things.


5. Eat Healthy Fats – mind the portion size. Fats are really dense, weighing in it at 9 calories per gram. Eat fats such as nuts, almonds, olive oil, nut butters, fish oil, flaxseeds, etc.


6. Do NOT ban whole foods groups unless you have an intolerance or food(s) that you don’t like – include all 3 macronutrients in your diet. Carbs, Fats, and Protein. All of them have their place. Carbs are not the devil, fats don’t make you fat, and Protein will not kill your kidneys!

Restricting more than likely leads to binging. The moment you cut something, the more you think about it and obsess about, which will lead to you to over consuming it.


7. Hydration!! Drink up, buttercup! Not sure how much to drink? Start with 1/2 your body weight in ounces. Keep a water bottle with you all the time, sip on it throughout the day. Lastly, another great way is to use the urine color chart – your urine color should be between 1-3.


8. Be sure to eat enough to fuel your workouts. I recommend that you don’t train on an empty stomach. Eat something with carbs and protein prior to training and after training for fueling your training session and recovering. Feeling weak and tired through your workouts is No Bueno. You’re less likely to train if you are not feeling your best during your training session!


9. Don’t rely on Supplements. Supplements last, nutrition first always!

Some of the Supplements I do recommend are a Protein Powder if you are having difficulty consuming enough Protein and for the convenience of it.

  • A quality Fish Oil, because a lot of us don’t eat enough Fatty Fish.
  • Lastly, Creatine, because it is so helpful with Strength Training. It helps by increasing strength, muscle mass, and it can enhance your performance.

P.S. Creatine is not a steroid. It naturally occurs in our bodies and animal meat.


10. Apply the 80/20 guideline when it comes to nutrition. I’m not really about nutrition rules – however, guidelines can be helpful. The 80/20 guidelines is a great one that won’t leave you feeling deprived or restricted! So, 80% of your foods should be whole, minimally or unprocessed foods, and 20% coming from foods that are calorically dense foods like cakes, cookies, chips, etc. Enjoy those treats and things here and there without guilt or shame. Shame and guilt do not belong in the same sentence everrrrrr! Food Never EVER holds any moral value. You eat that cupcake if you want it and enjoy every last bite!

  • What does 80/20 look like?
    • Let’s say you eat 35 meals a week – meals and snacks. So, take 80% of 35 meals to figure out what 80% is, and that’s 28. 28 of your meals should be whole, unprocessed meals, and the rest of your meals and snacks can be less nutritionally dense.


That’s it my STRONG Beautiful friends! This Nutrition stuff doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s Super Simple, but you must first ditch the extremes and such.

The way you eat and move should enhance your life not hinder it!

I have an amazing resource that will help you dive deeper into getting consistent with your habits!

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