Strength Training Membership Program

An online group monthly training program designed to help you get STRONG, build muscle, and establish consistent nutrition habits in a SANE, SIMPLE, and SUSTAINABLE (FOREVER) way.
stronger way

It's time to STOP spinning your wheels, picking your workouts off of Instagram, or Pinterest, and piecing them together and finally get STRONG without spending your whole life in the gym!

I would rank this program a 10/10! You really get the full package with having a trainer like Candace...I'm impressed with the result and I would recommend The STRONGER Way program to anyone! 💪🏼
- Natasha

No more spinning your wheels, it’s time to
Eat, Train, and Thrive!!

This Coaching Program is for women:

  • Struggling with staying consistent with their Strength and Nutrition Habits.
  • Who #LiftTheThings but aren’t getting anywhere with their strength and muscle-building efforts.
  • Who want to finally see progress with their lifts!
  • Who want a structured program, no more walking around the gym wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do.
  • Who aren’t afraid to lift weights, and are willing to put in the work that it takes to see progress.
I feel like fitness programs for women focus on high cardio, dropping a food group like carbs, or starving ourselves. Any weight training is often bodyweight only to avoid getting "bulky". This is not what Candace provides! Since starting the program, I've seen better muscle definition, increased the amount of weight I can lift, and many everyday accountable have become easier - like giving my 10-year-old a piggyback ride!  Candace also provides advice to help with the mental challenges that come with exercise - when progress isn't linear, daily stresses, limited access to weights/gym, etc. Her approach focuses on consistency without gimmicks.
- Caroline

With the STRONGER Way Training program, you will know how to lift effectively & efficiently; you will get STRONGER and be consistent with your training. AND, stay on track with your Nutrition Habits!

Candace was always responsive to questions or comments I had and is consistently generous with her time.

Her positive and encouraging demeanor as well as her knowledge about weightlifting and nutrition, make Candace Smith and her Summer Slamdown program a great resource for anyone who wants an accessible, affordable and effective strength training program.

- Jay

Want to MASTER your push-ups – even your pull-ups?! I GOT YOU!

Want to get your glutes STRONGER, I got you!

Want to squat more weight, deadlift more weight? With my Perdiozed training program, you will do just that!

Want to perform better, feel better, invest in your body’s future, then you are in the right place for that.

No stone is unturned when it comes to getting you STRONG in my Strength Training Programming!

Candace was just what I needed! I am a 43-year-old woman who has always tried to stay fit. However, my workouts had ceased to make the difference I was wanting to see. I was spending 30 minutes to an hour on an elliptical but was seeing no results.

Candace worked with me to customize a fitness plan that condensed my workouts and optimized my time. I ended up spending less time in the gym and seeing significant changes in my body. Instead of shooting for "skinny", I began seeking a strong, fit body. The results? A year after we stopped working together I am still feeling confident and in control of my fitness level. Thanks, Candace!!!!

- Samantha

What does the STRONGER Way Training Program include:

  •  3 Full-Body Training Sessions programmed for 4 weeks – you’ll complete 3 workouts a week! The magic happens when you consistently adhere to your program with progressive overload!
  • Optional Conditioning session.
  • Dynamic Mobility Warm-ups to get you ready for your lift sessions.
  • Ongoing coaching with me via our Facebook Group Community – I’ll be providing you with feedback and monitoring your progress every step of the way!
  • Access to a private Facebook community with other STRONG women so that you can get and give support from other like-minded women.
  • Nutritional Guidance – Your habits will be ironclad! There will be no falling off the track; you will finally be consistent once and for all!

Candace is an amazing trainer because I feel that she approaches diet and fitness the RIGHT way. She never let me starve myself and encouraged me to enjoy the foods I liked in moderation. With patience and consistent workouts, I started to see results. The results I have received from training with her have been results that last! This is coming from a chick that has tried multiple ways to lose weight (Insanity, CrossFit, etc.).

She creates workouts for me that are consistent, so I don’t have to think when I enter the gym. This way I can see myself progress over time. She would incorporate fun short cardio tidbits to ensure that I got my heart racing but not dreading it at the same time. I highly encourage anyone to hire her as a fitness coach. Her style of training is definitely a lifestyle, not a fad.

- Pevee
Hey, STRONG friend, hey!

I’m Candace Smith, a strength and nutrition coach who helps women quit the yo-yo diet and get STRONG from the inside out so that they can THRIVE from the inside out. My passion lies in helping women achieve their goals in a sane, simple, and sustainable manner.

I created The STRONGER Way Training Program to help women get STRONG & Fit with smart strength training. I see so many women spinning their wheels with exercising, doing random workouts, piecing together workouts from Pinterest and Instagram getting nowhere fast!

My STRONG friend, I want you to feel EMPOWERED when you enter the gym and have confidence in what you are doing! So, no more random workouts, no more program hopping – I’ve got you covered with programming that will get you STRONGER, help you build muscle, and one that you’ll enjoy while staying consistent with your training!

Lifting the heavy things is the best thing you can do for your mind and your body! There is nothing that compares to iron!

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and get to Lifting while making progress with your lifts then The STRONGER Way Training Program is for!

Candace’s workouts are simply unmatched. Each and every exercise has a purpose, and the intensity level is always exactly what I need! The way each workout is uniquely designed proves her expertise in the fitness industry. Her workouts and coaching have pushed me in ways I could never have done on my own, helping me to gain strength, drop body fat, build feminine curves, and reach new levels of overall fitness. She’s the real deal!
- Sarah

Frequently Asked Questions:

I just wanted to thank you for your persistent and committed dedication to helping me be the best me! I have known in our time together up until this point that you are a great motivator toward strength and healthy habits. It has been really neat for me to now learn (what 1 1/2 years later?) that you are also a great "coach" for getting me back to health post-injury. 

You have encouraged me to heal as much as you have encouraged me to strengthen. You have worked with me to adapt what I can do and assured me the rest will come back. I appreciate you!!! You da bomb! 

- Karen