The Macro Matrix Webinar

How to Build your Plate for Consistent Nutrition without Restriction!

Tuesday, April 30th @ 7pm CST

During this FREE Webinar, you will Discover:

  • How to kick your cravings, increase your energy, and never feel hungry again with my Hunger Cure Method. You’ll no longer be craving, hungry, or have low energy.
  • How to successfully achieve your specific goals by using my Power Plate… you’ll love how predictable these outcomes can be for you!
  • A customizable way to actually love the nutrition you’re eating because you see the positive results, making it sustainable, enjoyable, and achievable.

Your Host:

Candace Smith is a Strength and Nutrition Coach who helps women get STRONG through Lifting the Things and ditching the extremes through her STRONGER You Method. She will have you Eating the Foods you love, even carbs, never extreme dieting again, getting STRONG from the inside out, and THRIVING!