Workout Wednesday: The 40/20 Workout

The 40/20 Workout     3 -5 rounds/sets (Depending on the time you have available) 1. DB Squat Press: 40 sec work/20 sec rest 2. DB […]

Workout Wednesday: Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Ready get your strong and sweat on! Today’s workout is a full body dumbbell workout. Grab one or two dumbbells. You may need a lighter pair […]

10 Ways to Un – Diet

Let’s start this un – diet process! You ready?! It will take work, but I know you can do this because many women like yourself have! […]
The mission of Beauty of Strength is to empower women, and that empowerment comes from Strength. Strength of mind, body, and spirit. Beauty is a combination of these traits, not merely physical beauty or the lean ripped up physique you see on social media fitspo photos. You are a unique, beautiful creation, empowered to be the best version of yourself possible. That’s the Beauty of Strength!