Coaching Program
Ten weeks of Group Coaching for women who are ready to put Fat loss on the back burner, rebuild their metabolism, Build Muscle, and Improve their strength!

STRONG Sister, are you ready to put all the food to use this holiday season? Ready to ditch the calorie deficit... tired of dieting through the holidays year after year?

Ready to learn how to fuel your body correctly and fuel your workouts properly?

Imagine going to the gym feeling good, fueled, full of energy, and confident, all while improving your strength and building muscle this holiday season.

Candace is an amazing trainer because I feel that she approaches diet and fitness the RIGHT way. She never let me starve myself and encouraged me to enjoy the foods I liked in moderation. With patience and consistent workouts, I started to see results. The results I have received from training with her have been results that last!
- Pevee C
Well, if you are ready to approach your strength and nutrition the better way...

Join me in the Merry Muscle Group Coaching Program, where I'll teach you how to eat MORE food, rebuild your metabolism, train the right way to build muscle, and improve your strength.

You'll come out of this program knowing how to eat the right amount of food to fuel your training session and recover from them, and train for muscle AND strength so that you can THRIVE through the holiday season, staying fit, strong, and feeling good in your skin!

JOIN MERRY MUSCLE HERE!2 Payments of $306

Merry Muscle is right for:

  • Women who want to restore their metabolism -  i.e. get out of a calorie deficit!
  • Women who want to improve their overall body composition without another damn diet!
  • Women who are already lifting weights, but not getting the results that they want.
  • Women who want a structured training program.
  • Women who want to finally build muscle with guidance on how to do so.
  • Women who want to learn how to train the right way to build muscle and strength and how to eat to support that.
  • Women who want accountability and support on their muscle-building journey.
  • Women who are tired of dieting through the holiday season.
I feel like fitness programs for women focus on high cardio, dropping a food group like carbs, or starving ourselves. Any weight training is often bodyweight only to avoid getting "bulky.” This is not what Candace provides!
- Caroline C

Take a Moment and Imagine:

  • actually feeling good and fueled - not hungry - and STRONG during your workouts.
  • having energy throughout your day, even after your training session.
  • actually seeing gains from your strength training program. Hello, muscle!!
  • not worrying about all the food this holiday season.
  • keeping your training sessions consistent throughout the holiday season!
What you can expect from me over the next 10 weeks…

You’ll learn how to fuel yourself properly for muscle gain and strength improvements, how to train the right way, and enjoy it too. You won’t be swiping IG workouts or piecing them together from Pinterest anymore. You’ll know the why and how behind the way you’re training! 

When you walk into the gym, you’ll know exactly what to do; no more guessing. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to get the results that you want. You’ll learn how to put an effective training plan together too.

JOIN MERRY MUSCLE HERE!2 Payments of $306

My biggest surprise in working with Candace is the amount of information I learned about the role of nutrition in strength and overall health. Candace was always responsive between sessions. She stays on top of research and industry trends, so her responses are educated and informed. My initial thought was that I would meet with Candace for six sessions…that turned into two years because her role became invaluable to my progress! I am stronger, more confident, and generally more healthy today as a result of Candace’s expertise. I would highly recommend her!
- Karen C

What included in the MERRY MUSCLE Coaching Program:

  • Two - 5-week training cycles with 3 Full-Body training sessions designed to help you build muscle and increase your strength.
  • Custom Macro based nutrition plan or portion based nutrition option that will be designed to help you maximize your strength and muscle efforts.
  • Home and gym training options for each of the training programs.
  • Exercise video demonstrations of each exercise.
  • Daily group coaching via the Slack platform Monday - Friday so that you have built-in support and accountability along the way with other women in the group.
  • 5 Bi-weekly group coaching calls via Zoom to ensure your success and to track your progress, and I’ll be coaching you through any roadblocks or challenges along the way. These calls will give an opportunity to ask any questions or address any concerns that you may have. I am 100% in your corner!

Who is MERRY MUSCLE is NOT for:

  • Women who aren’t ready to eat more food to support muscle and strength growth.
  • Women who are afraid to lift heavy weights.
  • Women who are looking for a quick fix or women who want to diet forever.
  • Women who don’t already lift weights.
  • Women who don’t have access to weights.
  • Women who want to lose weight.
  • Women who only want to do circuits.


Hi, I’m Candace, aka your Carb Coach!

I am a Strength and Nutrition coach and the owner and founder of Beauty of Strength.

My mission this holiday season is to help you start the journey to consuming enough food for your body and your training sessions so that you see the fruits of your lifting - see the results that you want to see!

I want to help you break the chains of the diet mentality. I will help you reframe your mindset around constant dieting, help you rebuild your metabolism by eating more food, and show how to train to get STRONG and build muscle.

Let me simplify your training nutrition this holiday season!


We will kick off Monday, December 7th. Merry Muscle will run for ten weeks.