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Build that Juicy Booty with 8 Juicy Booty Building Workouts!

So, you have the foundation of what it takes to build your Juicy Strong Booty, now let me give you the Juicy Booty Building workouts!

With these workouts you’ll:

-   Build, gain strength, and get your glutes poppin. Not only that, if your knees or back have been bothering you, you can rest assured that getting your Glutes stronger will make those things feel better!

-   You’ll get time back in your day. The workouts are short, sweet, and effective - a max of 40 minutes, give or take. Who has time to be working out for hours on end?!

-   The workouts can be done at home, or at the gym, and require minimal equipment.

-   The workouts are combination of Strength and Conditioning, all in one. You’ll be getting the best bang for your buck, and again, you’ll save time. No need to do separate sessions of cardio - get it all done and move on with your life!

Get your Juicy Booty Building Workouts!

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The Juicy Booty Building workouts include:

  • 8 Strength Training Sessions laid out with no guesswork. Each workout is in a downloadable PDF format - print it out or save it to your phone.
  • 4 Lower Body Glute Focused Training sessions with Juicy Booty Boosters and 4 Upper with Juicy Booty Finishers! Booty, booty, rockin everywhere!
  • Video Demonstrations for each workout, as well as modifications - you'll be able to click on a hyperlinked exercise that is housed on Youtube so that you can see a demonstration of the exercise.

Get your Juicy Booty Building Workouts!

Limited Time Offer

Buy Now for $97 $7!