Fitness Ignited: A 14 Day Jumpstart to Fire Up Your Fitness Game!

Monday, January 15 - Sunday, January 28, 2017

Fire up your fitness game with a community of like-minded women.

Get Strong, Fit, and Toned Right at Home!

We all go through a fitness funk now and again.

We have those moments where we will stop the world to get it in, and then we have those fizzled out moments where finding the time seems impossible.

But you and I know this can’t go on. Being fit truly matters so we need to get it together asap, or we may become one of "those  people" - you know, up 15-20 pounds, have no energy, seem to be continuously miserable, and literally, live with constant regret day in and day out. 

At the same time, these fitness funks are no joke. Not only are we feeling the guilt of less than stellar fitness schedules, we simply just don’t feel good in our skin… and, the bloat - need I say more?

I get it. I have been there myself, and what I found was I didn’t need to move mountains to get my fitness game back in check, I simply needed to make it more reasonable.

You see, fitness doesn’t need to suck the life out of our time and or energy. 

In fact, I want to show you how to be the fittest you’ve ever been AND get more time back into your life… oh, and your energy will be through the roof - just saying!

I want to personally invite you to a special 14-day training, Fitness Ignited Jumpstart!

Join Fitness Ignited for $20!

Here's how it works:

Fitness Ignited Jumpstart is a virtual live training class where I will be coaching you through dumbell strength training workouts in real time. I am looking for women who are committed and serious about their fitness to go through a 14 day Beta Group!

Here is what that means:

  • What does BETA mean and how is it different from regular programs?
    Fitness Ignited BETA Group is a Virtual Group Training Fitness class! I am looking for women who are committed and serious about Firing up their fitness. I ask that you provide detailed feedback at the end of the program.

    This Fitness Ignited Jumpstart is a beta test, which means you will be testing the workouts for me. I will be asking you for feedback on the workouts, what you liked, what you didn’t like, was it too challenging, did the workout take too long, etc...

    As a BETA tester, you will receive this program for a never to be seen again low price, and in return, all I ask is for your honest feedback and dedicated participation.  

    I will be coaching you through ALL the workouts, and all I need from you is commitment. Show up, do the workouts (if you can’t be on Live, come back and watch the replay).

  • What is your commitment to a BETA program?
    Show up for the workouts Live for 14 days, if you can't be there, I am asking that you let me know in advance. If you can't make it Live, you'll still have the opportunity to watch the replay and complete the workout. 

  •  What can you expect at the end of 14-days?
    You can expect your fitness to be Ignited and on fire - back on track. You'll have a better sense of how simple it is to get your workouts in, get more time back in your day, and have more energy to do the things. You will have been consistent over 14 days with 3 workouts a week! A win - win! Simply said you are going to feel so good!

    At the end of the 14 days, I will ask for detailed feedback on the workouts - what you liked and what you didn’t like. I want to hear directly from you what I need to keep or what I need to change before taking this LIVE.  

  • What is the benefit of doing the BETA Testing?  
    The benefit of doing this BETA testing is being able to get your fitness back on track. Train with like-minded women who like to lift weights. You'll get the chance to be trained by a professional fitness expert for an incredibly discounted rate and be one of the founding members of my upcoming virtual group strength training classes... COMING SOON!
Join Fitness Ignited for $20!

Sound good? Awesome, now let me tell you how much fun we’re going to have getting fit together over the next 14 days...

  • What will the workouts consist of?
    The workouts will consist of Total Body workouts, meaning that we will train upper body and lower body in the same the workout.

  • When are the workouts?
    Fitness Ignited 14 Day Virtual Group Coaching class will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from
    8:00 am - 8:30 am CST via Zoom and in a closed Facebook group.

    Can’t make it Live, the workouts will be available in our Facebook after the  Live workout is complete.

  • How does training Live actually work? 
    The training sessions will be held via the Zoom Platform. Zoom is a FREE video conference software that you can download to your mobile device, tablet, or computer.

    We will train using Zoom at the scheduled times Monday and Wednesday at 8:00 am - 8:30 am CST.

    I will be able to see you, and you’ll be able to see me via the Zoom Platform. This is how I will train you and the other ladies through the workouts.

What's in it for me?

  • Accountability and Support!

  • Connection and Community with like-minded women who want to Ignite their Fitness.

  • Consistency with your workouts right at home.
  • Education on how simple it is to get a great workout anywhere with just dumbbells, and not killing yourself in the gym!

  • Win your $20 back by being consistent throughout the challenge - 2 women will get there money back!

Join Fitness Ignited for $20!

Who is this for?

  • Women who may be struggling to get back on track!

  • Women who will show up on a consistent basis and provide feedback.

  • Women who like to lift weights, this is program is not for beginners!  

  • Women who have trained with weights before and understand Strength Training.

  •  Women who want to make the best use of their time.

  • Women who want to get strong, fit, and toned.

  • Women who want to be part of group with like minded women. 
Join Fitness Ignited for $20!

Who is this NOT for?

  • Women who don’t like to lift the things!

  • This is program is not for Beginners or if you have never lifted weights!

  • Women who will not actively participate in the group.

  • Women who are looking for quick fixes.

  • Women who are too busy to prioritize their health.

  • Women who use exercise as punishment.
Join Fitness Ignited for $20!

About your Trainer:

Hi, I'm Candace and I am so excited that you want to be part of Fitness Ignited! 

I am the CEO of Beauty of Strength and I coach women through quitting the yo-yo diet cycle and how to maximize their physique results through Lifting The Things (Strength Training)

I created this Virtual Group Training Class because I want you to see how simple it is to get your workout in right at home. The convenience of training right at home can be a game changer. You don’t have to sacrifice your workouts just because you can’t get to the gym. 

I know how easy it can be to just hit pause or just start next week because you can't get to the gym or feel like you just don’t have the time. I’ve been there, done that, and I know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

With some adjusting, you can get it in right in the convenience of your home! 

Alright?! You in? Sign up below by clicking on the buy button below and then you will be taken to PayPal to purchase the Group Virtual Training Class. Follow the instructions so that you will get your confirmation email! 

Join Fitness Ignited for $20!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a Beta Testing Fitness Group?
    You’ll be testing the workouts that I provide for you, and I ask that you provide feedback on the workouts. I will be asking you for feedback on the workouts, what you liked, what you didn’t like, was it too challenging, did the workout take too long, etc.…

    I’ll be asking for your feedback on every workout.

  •  What equipment is required?
    A pair of Dumbbells and a mini band ( a band without handles) to go around your knees for lower body glute work.

    If you have taken a break from working out and just jumping back in with this group, start with a lighter set of dumbbells: 10-15 lbs.

    If you are currently working out, pick an intermediate set of dumbbells 15-20 lbs

    If you are a seasoned lifter, pick a heavier set of dumbbells 20-25 lbs.

    Where to purchase dumbbells if you don’t have any? Your local Sporting Goods Store, Academy Sports (sale going on right now for dumbbells), Dicks, Craigslist, to name just a few!

  • I only have a band with handles, can I still use it for lower body work?
    You can use that; you’ll just have to tie into a loop, works just like the one without the handles.

  • How long are the workouts?
    20-30 minutes in length Live with me coaching you via Facebook Live and Zoom. Warm up and cool down will be on your own.

  • How many times will I workout?
    You will do 2 Live workouts with me and 1 on your own.

  • What happens if I can’t be on Live?
    The workout video will be available post Live training in our Closed Facebook Community.

  • What if I don’t know how to do the exercise?
    I will instruct you on the exercise while we are training.
Join Fitness Ignited for $20!