Juicy Booty Building Program!

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Grab your Juicy Booty Program! $67

What's Included in the Juicy Booty Building Program:

     🍑 Access to some of my favorite Glute Building workouts - there is 12 weeks of training!

     🍑 8 Done for You Dumbbell or Barbell-based workouts - 40 minutes to an hour.

     🍑 Video demos for each exercise and modifications!

     🍑 A sample training schedule to help you get the best booty results!

Grab your Juicy Booty Program! $67

Hi, my name is Candace Smith.

I am CPT, Health Coach, and Nutrition Coach, who helps women Eat, Train, and Thrive. I love helping women get STRONG, Fit, and Feel great in their skin.

I created this Juicy Booty Building workouts because I see so many women spinning their wheels trying to build a Strong, Juicy, Booty, or to get in shape in general. Well, that ends here, ladies! Get ready to learn what it takes to get the results you desire, without killing yourself or slaving way in the gym!

Are you ready to build that Juicy Strong Booty?! I can't wait to help you do so and get the results you are seeking!

Grab your Juicy Booty Program! $67