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How to Build your Plate for SUSTAINABLE Fat Loss!

Discover how to simplify Fat loss. Fat loss doesn’t have to be so restrictive!

Take the confusion out of eating with my Fat Loss Blueprint. No more spinning your wheels, no more banned food lists, no more Hangry, Lethargic fog filled days. You get to choose the foods that you like and put them on your Fat Loss Plate. How does that sound?

With the Fat Loss Blueprint:

I will show you exactly how to build your plate for Fat Loss, no matter where you are having a meal at.

My Blueprint can be implemented at the restaurant, at a BBQ, at the gas station, and of course at your kitchen table!

This Fat Loss Blueprint is for you:

  • If you are tired of restrictive diets!
  • If you want a simplified way of eating.
  • If you don’t know where to start with your fat loss efforts!

Hey, I’m Candace!

I’m an online Strength and Nutrition Coach. I coach women through quitting the yo-yo diet cycle and teach them to maximize their physique results through Lifting The Things (Strength Training)! I help women that I work with get STRONG, quit all the Diets, and learn to love themselves from the inside out.

I’ve done the all or nothing, the extremes, and diet after diet until I said enough was enough. I ditched the diet mentality, learned how to eat without extremes and banned food lists, while still getting results! I know that’s exactly what you want because like me, you are done, and what to do things the Better Way!

If you are ready to do things the BETTER WAY -  that will last forever, that will be Sane and Simple; then this Fat Loss Blueprint is for you. Go ahead and download this FREE Blueprint, you won’t be disappointed.

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