Thank you for being here! I hope you stay for the ride of sustainability in nutrition and fitness!

I am the founder and creator of Beauty of Strength. I help women become strong in mind and body. I help women break the diet mentality and lead a fit, strong, sustainable lifestyle. An amazing thing happens when a woman begins to strength train – as she gets stronger, her self-confidence blossoms. This, combined with freedom from constant dieting creates a confident, empowered woman – a truly beautiful creation!”

My passion is to help women break the diet cycle, become the best versions of themselves through Heavy Lifting, practicing Self Love, and Self Compassion. My training philosophy is focused on empowering you to be the best version of you. I don’t want to fit you into a mold, I want to inspire you to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals and enhance your overall quality of life.

If your dying to know me a bit a more, here are some of the things that I love:

  1. Jesus is my Jam!
  2. I love going on walks and hikes with my husband and pups. I love to eat, I love food.
  3. My favorite eats are Pizza and tacos, and huge salads!
  4. Red wine is my jam! I love going on wine tours!
  5. I love going to amusement parks and riding the scariest roller coasters.
  6. I drink kombucha everyday and I love Coconut LaCroix!
  7. I can be very quiet till I get to know you. Sometimes I’m shy and other times I can’t shut up!
  8. I love to laugh! My favorite comedian is Kevin Hart.
  9. My favorite ways of moving my body is walking, deadlifting, and my new thing is learning to Olympic Lift. It’s so much fun, I love the power and strength it gives me.
  10. Traveling- seeing the world, even if just to the next town over. I love sightseeing and exploring!

I would love to hear and connect with you.

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