💥6 STRONG Habits that Pack a Punch  🥊 👊🏾💥

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In this IGTV situation, I break down 6 STRONG Habits that will move you forward on your strength and nutrition journey!

1️⃣ Eat undistracted – get away from your desk, put the phone down so that you can actually enjoy your meal, and to know when you are satisfied and not stuffed.

2️⃣ Practice eating to your about 80% full!

3️⃣ Instead of going out to eat for lunch, pack a lunch! Prep some veggies, a protein, and carb source to get you through a few days of the week.

You’re also gonna save your coin by not eating out every day!

4️⃣ Snack smart – make sure your snack meals have at least 15-20 grams of protein in them – the more the better. Get some fiber in that meal too!

5️⃣ If you only get to the gym but for 2 days a week, but want to get 4 days of lifting in, do 2 training sessions at home!💪🏾

6️⃣ Instead of tracking all your meals – all the things right of the bat – track your protein intake to make sure you are getting enough.

Making sure that you eat enough protein is a game changer!! 🍗Eating enough protein gives back in mo ways than one. Hello, muscle, bye, hunger, and cravings!

Any questions, comments, etc. drop em below.

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