5 Things to Steer Clear of When it comes to your nutrition, health, and fitness!

5 things to avoid when it comes to nutrition, health, and fitness!

Quick fixes will kill your progress & your health!

Avoid these 5 things that I talk about in this IGTV episode while you’re navigating your fitness, health, & nutrition journey!

          1. Changing everything all at once.
          2. Slashing your calories too low!
          3. Cutting whole food groups out, specifically carbs.
          4. Messing around with quick fixes, ya know those voodoo quackery things such as waist trainers, pills, shakes, cleanses, etc. No quick fix is worth it. It is a waste of your hard-earned coin!
          5. Overexercising

Don’t fall into the quick fix schemes, my STRONG friends! They’ll set you back even further.

Take a Sane & Sustainable approach!

The slow and steady approach is the way to go!

If you need help navigating all the nutrition and fitness noise, need a coach that will help you build a plan that will work for YOU, I may just have the program for you, and that’s my STRONG3R You 1:1 Coaching Program! Let’s Reframe, Rebuild, and Restore your fitness and nutrition!

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