Holiday Questionnaire

  Hey guys! Would you do me a huge favor! I’m doing some market research and I would love if you could answer one question. What’s […]

Looks like sugar, tastes like sugar, its sugar.

  If you love bread, eat the bread, and if you enjoy a freakin donut, then have one every now and then – #IJS!   Stop […]

5 Non Scale Victories to Be Happy About!

The scale is a tricky entity. It plays tricks on you.  First thing in the morning, you go to the bathroom to empty your bladder, next […]
The mission of Beauty of Strength is to empower women, and that empowerment comes from Strength. Strength of mind, body, and spirit. Beauty is a combination of these traits, not merely physical beauty or the lean ripped up physique you see on social media fitspo photos. You are a unique, beautiful creation, empowered to be the best version of yourself possible. That’s the Beauty of Strength!