Are 20 minute workouts enough time to get an effective workout?

  What do you think?   There was a time when I would have scoffed at a 20-minute workout. The no pain no gain mindset, the […]

Mmmm… Overnight Oats Easy Recipe

  I sure do love me some overnight oats! The recipe that I am sharing today literally takes 5 minutes to make, how can you not […]

Five Principles of Fat Loss

Five Principles of Fat Loss     Potions, pills, teas, quick fixes, wraps, {Insert Any Diet} are a short term solution with long term consequences. I […]

Workout with me

Workout Wednesday Ahh, I loved this circuit. The best part about it, well one of the best things about it is all you need is one […]

Grace. Courage. Trust! Through the process.

Grace. Courage. Trust! There is a better way! 🙏🏾Grace – Sprinkle some Grace on it! 🙌🏾Courage 😀Trust Ready to get off the diet roller coaster?! If […]

Trainer Tip Tuesday – Just say no to quick fixes!

Trainer Tip Tuesday – Just say no to quick fixes! In today’s video, I discuss 4 things that have long term benefit to your health and […]

Five Fitness Friday Favorites: 5 Eats I’m Loving Right Now

Five Fitness Friday Favorites!! Five things I’m loving! 1. Pero Family Farms Fresh Green Beans 2. Pero Family Farms Sweet Peppers 3. Ready to Drink Protein […]

Movement Monday – Knee Hug to a Lateral Lunge

Movement Monday: Knee Hug to a Lateral Lunge So so important to do movement prep before you begin to lift the things! #LiftTheThings Spend 5 to […]